One Time Maintenance

Orange County Landscape Contractor

Lytle Landscape Construction offers a unique service called one time maintenance. This service came from hearing client after client complain about how their weekly gardeners just don’t do a good enough job, or they don’t have the knowledge to do much more than “mow and blow”. So I started a service designed to do all the things gardener don’t do. This is meant to be done on a annual or semi annual basis, or to get your yard ready for a wedding, or party whenever it’s needed. All yards are different, So I will meet with you and assess whats needed, make recommendations and give you a detailed free estimate.

What we do:

1. Rake and weed all planter beds.
2. Adjust irrigation, replace broken heads, fix broken lines, re-program timer.
3. Adjust Landscape lighting, replace burnt out bulbs, fix broken wires, Clean bulbs.
4. Spray for any pest if needed.
5. Fertilize everything with Grow Power and Ironite. Acid food for Acid loving plants.
6. Trim plants as needed to restore them to their best potential.
7. Remove any dead plants.
8. Cultivate planters.
9. Plant Annuals, Perrinials or shrubs as needed, and patch sod.
10. Cover all bare soil with 2″-3″ of a quality compost to keep weeds down, moisture in, and this replaces the organic material in the soil over time.
Owner Steve Lytle has been a landscape architect in Orange County, CA for over 35 years. The first half of his career was spent working in retail nurseries as a California Certified Nurseryman and nursery manager for several different nurseries throughout Orange County. This is where customer service, excellence and integrity was ingrained in him as the only respectable way to do business, and remains as his defining characteristic today. Steve then moved into the wholesale end of the nursery industry as a sales rep for one of So. California’s largest wholesale nursery servicing dozens of retail nurseries, The Home Depot, Lowes, Target, and other Garden centers. This is where he honed his knowledge of plants and trees that serves him well in his landscapes today. It was then about 20 years ago when he decided to combine all of his skills and talent from his earlier career along with his gifted artistic eye into one of Orange counties highest quality landscape architect companies, built on a long list of very satisfied customers. (Many of which he is proud to call his friends.) Steve has provided a breath of fresh air in an industry filled with many shady contractors and fly by night landscapers only in it to make a fast buck. Please take a moment to view his Testimonials below, all of which can be verified as references. It is Steve’s policy to only do one job at a time so that our full attention is dedicated to exceeding each clients expectations and not their budget

1. Owner/Horticulturist Steve Lytle comes from a retail nursery back ground where the focus is heavy on customer service, education and landscape design, often educating other landscapers.

2. My policy is to do only one job at a time to ensure a high-quality landscape design or outdoor lighting job on-time and on-budget. I understand that as a home owner, it is important to see progress made each day when they come home from work and to get the job done quickly.
3. When you hire Steve, Steve is what you get. Not a crew that you can not communicate with, who’s boss is never around.
4. Of course, estimates are always free, but I give you much more. I provide a detailed bid with everything broken down plainly, so you know exactly what you are getting including a detailed drawing of how the job will look. I include detailed pictures of all the plants as well as our list of references.
5. I include our one-time maintenance program is detailed out on the one-time maintenance page here.
6. You get very friendly and knowledgeable (English speaking!) installers! My clients love them, and often contract with them as well to do their weekly maintenance.
7. You also get the satisfaction of our NO HASSLE GUARANTEE. All plants are guaranteed to 3-months against disease or defect, provided they are properly watered. If anything goes wrong in that time I simply come out and replace it, and advise the client of any needed changes in watering